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Doc-Related Characters


Donna is the care center manager and reports to Chip. The docs think she does an "okay" job but get frustrated with her inability to provide resources. Donna is a gen-Xer who loves her two cats and wearing leopard-patterned clothing. 

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Karla is a millennial medical assistant relatively new to her role. Her real passions are body art and going on motorcycle cruises with her boyfriend.  

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Dr. Shah

Dr. Anika Shah is a millennial physician who's biggest focus is getting home to her husband and twin toddlers. She's been in practice for 5 years and enjoys fitness and fashion.  

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Dr. Lam

Dr. Cici Lam is a millennial physician who recently joined the group. She's fresh out of training and still has much to learn about practicing medicine. Cici is single and enjoys spending time alone reading and surfing the internet. 

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Dr. Katz

Dr. Harold Katz is a baby boomer at the end of his career. He was in private practice for over 30 years before his practice was acquired by the group. He's not a big fan of anything corporate and is nostalgic for the old ways of practicing medicine using pen and paper. 

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Chip is the VP of operations. He's a gen-Xer with a salesman-like approach to solving problems. Although he thinks all docs are his friends and calls them by their first names, they don't trust a word that comes out of his mouth. 

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Dr. Stevens

Dr. Tom Stevens is the physician leader. He's a gen-Xer with an MBA and has a knack for seeing where things are headed. He's well liked and trusted by both the administration and physicians.  

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